3rd Place | “Motel Love Affair”

March/April 2009 Lyric Contest
“Motel Love Affair”
Written by Mike Biggers

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I met her at a Travelodge, the bar was dark and smoky
Belting out ol’ Patsy Cline, she loved that karaoke
Her in skin tight denim, me in my Best Western
Firin’ up the dance floor like a loaded Smith and Wesson

She said work keeps her busy, motels are her home
Howard Johnson ain’t no place for a woman all alone
Then she grabbed her card key, her vodka, and my hand
We hurried up into her room, the rest you understand

Well, we’ll frolic down in Fresno, we’ll rendezvous in Reno
We’ll do the tryst in Tracy, then meet in Mendocino
Wherever business takes her, I will meet her there
There’s Quality and Comfort Inn our motel love affair

Days Inn and out we traveled in her Thunderbird
Singing with the radio, no sweeter sound I’ve heard
By a Rodeway in Manteca she said she’d see me soon
I turned into a Vagabond and checked into a room


I found her at a Lamplighter, she was singing a duet
Crooning out a love song with some guy named Tom Bodett
She said, “Its checkout time my love, I’ve found me a new date
You’re just an average Motel 6 and he’s a Super 8.”

Well, they’ll frolic down in Fresno, they’ll rendezvous in Reno
They’ll do the tryst in Tracy, then meet in Mendocino
I know he’ll leave a light on for when she’ll meet him there
I’ll tell you there’s no Holiday Inn a motel love affair
I’ll tell you there’s no Holiday Inna motel love affair


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  1. Clever, unique and very funny. I think I liked the twist at the end. Excellent job. I think that the best place to submit that after you copyright it would be someone in the comedy genre. That would be more a country comedy song than anything. I really liked it

  2. Good job Mike,

    I read these “Winner” lists sometimes to see why I lost. It’s like readin the reason for my own obituary. Usually…the winners suck. No flow just crap you’re NEVER going to hear in a song…But today…I don’t feel so bad.
    THIS is a good one. I am honest about my talent…both ways…I hate losing but if the one that beat me is at least as good, I accept it.
    It’s when I know that I know the “winner” couldnt carry my pencil box…thats when it hurts the most. so, thanks Mike. You managed to slip a good song by “the JUDGES”. Escaped the death penalty & in so doing, have given a little life back to those of us who can actually write.

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