4 Essential Styx Deep Cuts for Fans of the Prog-Rock Legends

Styx was founded in Chicago in 1970, and their discography has endured through the years with hits like “Come Sail Away” and “Show Me The Way”. Today, fans of the band are likely familiar with all 17 of their studio albums. But there are some songs that don’t get as much love as they deserve, even from diehards. Let’s look at four deep cuts from Styx that are essential listening for any fan of the band or progressive rock in general.

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1. “22 Years”

“22 Years” comes from the 1973 record The Serpent Is Rising, a notably controversial album that was quite different from their previous works. It’s kind of a concept album kind of not; it’s an odd mix of hard rock, proto-metal, blues, and even poetry. Regardless of how fans might feel about the album, “22 Years” is an underrated song from the record that is just plain fun.

2. “Born For Adventure”

This 1975 track from Equinox is just one of many beloved songs from the album. “Born For Adventure” is thought by many to be the best track from the album, and it also brings to mind a sad realization: This song was the last one that Dennis DeYoung, James Young, and John Curulewski would write together.

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3. “Half-Penny Two-Penny”

The 1981 album Paradise Theatre was quite a cohesive piece of work. “Half-Penny Two-Penny” is a Styx deep cut that didn’t get enough attention on the album. It’s a dark exploration of corrupt society, with rough vocals and a classically prog-rock sound. It definitely shows why Styx is simply one of the best prog-rock bands in history.

4. “All In A Day’s Work”

Edge of the Century came about after the band took a break for a while. And the result was a very pop-focused rock album that you’d expect from the early 1990s. For a reunion album, it ain’t half bad. “All In A Day’s Work” is one of a few gems from the record with a notable Beatles vibe to it. They still play this one live on occasion.

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