4 Songs for People Who Say They Don’t Like Styx

There’s nothing quite like Styx’s discography. The prog-rock legends have released a wealth of good music since the 1970s and they’re still going today. Unfortunately, a big chunk of the younger generation hasn’t heard of them; and some who have heard of them aren’t the biggest fans. But if you’ve only ever heard “Show Me The Way” or “The Best Of Times”, you might be missing out on some incredible tunes. Let’s look at four songs that people who don’t like Styx should hear before making a solid judgment.

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1. “What Has Come Between Us”

This solid little track from the band’s self-titled 1972 album doesn’t get as much love as the chart-hitting “Best Thing”. The song itself also wasn’t written by the band; but regardless, it’s a great Styx song worth listening to. “What Has Come Between Us” is future-predicting in a way, as the style of the song is very similar to the groove that Styx eventually fell into when they got huge.

2. “Queen Of Spades”

This 1978 track is an excellent collaboration between Styx members Dennis DeYoung and James Young. It’s quite the gem and it deserves more attention, particularly from people who say they don’t like Styx. “Queen Of Spades” might just change your mind!

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3. “Love In The Midnight”

“Love In The Midnight” comes from the 1979 album Cornerstone, which has a bit of controversy around it. The album is vastly different from Styx’s previous material, and the pop-leaning vibe of the album didn’t sit right with some fans (and band members). Still, the album was a chart-topper; the single “Babe” hit no. 1 on the Billboard charts. “Love In The Midnight” closes the album and is loaded with electrifying power chords and an intense instrumental breakdown.

4. “Just Get Through This Night”

The 1983 album Kilroy Was Here was hated by critics, but it didn’t deserve all the hate it got. The pop-rock album was ahead of its time and also a trainwreck (not mutually exclusive!) that birthed some wonderful songs like “Just Get Through This Night”. It’s one of Tommy Shaw’s best songs.

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