4 Musicians Who Died Doing What They Love on Stage

The idea of a musician dying on stage in front of an audience seems pretty morbid. However, there’s also something beautiful about it. Many musicians out there have dedicated their lives to their craft, and many choose to tour well into old age because they simply love it so much. For many, it would only make sense to die on stage. Unfortunately for the musicians on this list, they did pass away on stage; but at least they died doing what they loved. 

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1. Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim was quite a unique act, known for his high-pitched voice, trusty ukulele, and strange musical arrangements. “Tip-Toe Thru’ The Tulips With Me” was a chart-topping hit in 1968. 

In 1996, Tiny Tim was playing a benefit show in Minneapolis, Minnesota while singing the very song that kicked off his career. However, he suddenly stopped playing, told his wife that he felt ill, and then collapsed. He died several hours later at a hospital from what many believe was cardiac arrest.

2. Les Harvey

Stone The Crows was set to be the next big thing in the early 1970s. Unfortunately, their lead guitarist, the talented Les Harvey, passed away and the group ultimately decided to disband. And the way Harvey died wasn’t exactly pleasant.

Before a concert in Wales in 1972, Harvey was tuning his instrument on stage in front of over 1,000 fans. He reached for a microphone that was not properly grounded, which resulted in a fatal electric shot that quickly ran through his body. He was pronounced dead at the hospital soon after. Remember to ground your electronics, folks…

3. Sib Hashian

Sib Hashian was one of the original members of the powerhouse band Boston. He was featured on two of their albums, including their self-titled debut and Don’t Look Back

On one fateful day in 2017, Hashian was performing on a cruise ship that had departed from Miami to the Caribbean islands when he suddenly collapsed. Emergency responders were unable to resuscitate him and he died at 67 years old.

4. Bruce Hampton

If you love jam bands, you probably are already familiar with Col. Bruce Hampton. He performed with a number of jam bands through the years and was even considered the “grandfather” of the genre. 

Unfortunately, during a jam band meet-up with other players in 2017, Hampton collapsed. The performing band had no idea that he fell because he was ill and continued playing. By the time they were finished, Hampton was dead. At least he got to die listening to the very music he helped pioneer.

Photo by Larry Ellis/Daily Express

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