4 of the Most Underrated Metal Bands of All Time

We all know about the big names in the metal world. Metallica, Korn, Iron Maiden, and Slipknot are just a few names that even non-metal fans know. And there are even more underrated metal bands out there who deserve some credit for the killer music they’ve been putting out. Let’s look at a few examples, but don’t assume this list is exhaustive!

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1. Ambush

Ambush is a classic underrated metal band that features all the elements a diehard fan would want: Intense vocals, powerful guitar lines, and pure heavy metal energy. This Swedish heavy metal outfit has released a ton of great music since their formation in 2013, including the full-length album Firestorm.

2. Blade Killer

If you love speed metal, you may have already heard of Blade Killer. This killer band sounds great when blasted through speakers or heard live, though they haven’t released any new music since around 2018. But that 2018 release of High Risk is a real treat.

3. Hitten

Who doesn’t love metal with a little bit of a party vibe? This Spanish heavy metal and hard rock band has a delightfully old-school sound with absolutely killer guitar riffs. Better yet, many of their songs make interesting statements about life, society, rebellion, and (of course) partying all night long. “State Of Shock” is essential listening. 

4. Greyhawk

Greyhawk is unique in that they seamlessly blend classic heavy metal with goth-inspired vocals and energy. They almost sound vintage in their old-school guitar riffs, and they are also great at incorporating power metal into their sound as well. Their newest release Thunderheart is a fantasy-inspired odyssey that earned them a spot on this list.

Photo courtesy of Hitten’s official Facebook page

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