Jack Blocker Talks Feeling “Like You Want to Break” After ‘American Idol’ Rollercoaster

Jack Blocker may have one of the most unique story arcs in American Idol history. The 25-year-old graphic artist’s vocal prowess was never in question. However, his unique facial expressions initially distracted judge Katy Perry from his talent. Put through to Hollywood by the Idol crew, Blocker wasted no time showing everyone why he deserved to be there. He ended his historic season 22 run in third place, behind winner Abi Carter and runner-up Will Moseley. One might think Blocker would need some time to decompress after the whirlwind experience of American Idol. However, the Dallas, Texas native doesn’t want to spend too much time standing still.

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Jack Blocker: “‘American Idol’ Feels Like You Want to Break”

Last Thursday (June 6), Jack Blocker joined four of his fellow Top 10 finalists at the 19 Takeover at CMA Fest in Nashville. The “All of Yours (To Give All of Mine)” singer told US Weekly it felt good to perform again.

Idol is go, go, go. It’s exhausting and coming off of it feels like you want to break,” Blocker said. “Doing something like this, it’s like, ‘[I] gotta do it. Let’s keep going, man. This is awesome.’”

Blocker Wants to Keep Doing It His Way

After receiving a second chance from the Idol crew, Jack Blocker initially tried to correct his “bad habits” (as Perry called his facial contortions.) Ultimately, however, the Dallas, Texas native decided to lean into them instead.

It paid off in American Idol, and Blocker hopes it will continue to pay off as he pursues music full-time.

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“It’s tough in Nashville ’cause you watch people climb the charts and you’re like, ‘I want that to be me. Should I be doing something that they’re doing?’” Blocker told Us Weekly. “And over and over [the judges are] just like, ‘Hey, do what you do well [and] do what makes you unique — even if it’s weird facial expressions by the end of it, but, just lean into that and be you as an artist.’”

He added, “I’ve just taken that and ran with it for the show [and] really believed it more than ever.”

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