4 Songs You Didn’t Know Sampled Hits From The Rolling Stones—Including George Michael and The Specials

The Rolling Stones need no introduction.

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The U.K.-born rock group is known for songs like “Wild Horses” and “Paint It Black.” But while those songs are hits in their own right when sung by the Stones, what kind of lives have they lived in the mouths and instruments of other famed artists? Great question!

Below are four songs you didn’t know that are sampled in some way by other famous musicians.

1. “The Jeep Song by The Dresden Dolls

Sampled “Paint It Black”

The brainchild of Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione, the theatrical Boston, Massachusetts-born rock band The Dresden Dolls samples the lyrics from the Rolling Stones’ classic 1966 hit single. Sings Palmer about three-and-a-half minutes into the tune, I see a red Jeep and I want to paint it black! This mimic’s the original song, the lyrics for which are, I see a red door and I want to paint it black. Palmer sings her lyric as a piano plays the signature riff from the original Stones hit.

2. Little Bitch by The Specials

Sampled “Brown Sugar

The hook riff of “Brown Sugar” is sampled in this ska-punk song from this rollicking English band. The buzzy guitar builds and builds like it does in “Brown Sugar” before a band member shouts, “One, two!” and the song goes into its own riffy, punk, ska thang. Check it out below.

3. “Funky Cold Medina” by Tone Loc

Sampled “Satisfaction”

This is a song that’s been sampled in any number of forms, dozens of times. From Booker T. & the M.G.’s on “One Mint Julep” and “Satisfaction” by Vanilla Ice to “Love Life” by Fatboy Slim and Macy Gray and “What’ll I Do” by Janet Jackson, the Rolling Stones’ tune is one of the most recognizable in pop music. But here, let’s dive into the song—no, the classic—”Funky Cold Medina” by the low, gravely-voiced rapper, Tone Loc.

Cold coolin’ at a bar, and I’m lookin’ for some action / Feel like Mike Jagger said, I can’t get no satisfaction, raps Loc at the beginning of his hit track. Loc also samples the Stones’ song, “Honky Tonk Women,” in the now-famous track. Check it out below and enjoy the bedding of genres that, in a way, only hip-hop can provide.

4. Saint for That Day by George Michael

Sampled “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”

George Michael’s self-reflective song, “Saint for That Day,” from his 1990 Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1 album, features the acoustic guitar line from the famed Stones song You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” While Michael admits he wrote the song alone, the chords and rhythm of the track closely resemble the Rolling Stones’ number. The song title is also included at the end of Michael’s song. A co-write credit was given to the Stones’ Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Michael also samples James Brown’s “Funky Drummer.” Check it out below.

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