#8: The Swipe

Videos by American Songwriter

Videos by American Songwriter


Swipe 12
The Swipe feels like a micro-fibered cloth-covered credit card, with a quarter inch angled bend at one end, that you “swipe” under your guitar strings to remove sweat and grime. One unique characteristic of the Swipe—and a reason to buy one versus simply running a credit card covered in cloth over your strings—is that its special 30° angled end cleans the underside of one string (something difficult to accomplish with a homemade version), while simultaneously cleaning the tops of the two adjacent strings. For $8.00, the Swipe will save you from having to buy new strings as frequently, especially if you’re a gigging guitarist who’s playing those five-hour sets for Beatles cover night at the local dive. You’ll also get a cloth with the Swipe to keep the rest of your guitar clean. The Swipe has befriended the likes of respected guitar builders like Santa Cruz Guitar Co. and Collings Guitars, who now include the unique product as case candy.

Additional reporting provided by Kyle Byrd.

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