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DAY OFF By Jedd Hughes

It’s Tuesday and I woke up to the gentle whine of the prevost motor zipping us down the highway… a little blurry eyed I heard Andrew on the phone saying we had to take a different route to avoid some flooded areas. The day off seemed to slide past quite effortlessly. I fixed Sarah’s keyboard while Madi and Kyle whipped up a new song armed with a casio toy keyboard and Madis’ Silvertone pawn shop prize guitar.

Will, Andrew, Joy and K.S. went to see Inglorious Basterds…I had already seen it… pure brilliance. They all came back raving about it and then some of us slipped over to the J. Alexanders for dinner and a beer. This might be the funniest bunch of folks I’ve ever been around… we sure do laugh a lot!….Oh and how come ” a lot” is not one word?

Back to the hotel for a shower and a few hours off the bus…I snatched the remote and learnt a little about “losing the war on marijuana”…isn’t it time to tax and legalize? I appreciate Bill Mahers’ idea of taxing bad food that is making this nation fat and slow… why is it that healthy food is so much more expensive than bad food and then we hit three episodes of The Family Guy.

Trent kept championing Mafia to no avail and Will suggested the hot tub and a beer… Ah yes!. After consuming multiple beers our small band of brothers and sisters (Madi included) crossed the road to the Taco Bell after the doors closed and walked up to the window trying to imitate a vehicle as much as possible… hmmmm… tried to play the ole.”I’m Australian take pity on this poor hungary foreign boy card.” That didn’t work, so a couple of locals let us jump in the back of there large black truck and we bought them taco bell for the kind gesture! Back to the bus and Back to the Future II was playing for the third time….damn you Will!

I’m laying in my bunk as chatter rattles around the front lounge.

To be continued…

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  1. Good writing Jedd! Sounds like SUCH a great time! I talk to Drew ‘alot’ so I get alot of updates đŸ™‚ It sounds like Eddie’s Attic last night was the best crowd so far? It also sounds like the same bonding I had with my frat bros in college! I got Drew’s (AB) Slingbox hooked up yesterday, so he can control our TV and remote from his iphone, (now I compete for the remote with his mom and his iphone – ha) At least maybe NOW you won’t have to keep watching Back to the Future? See yall in Chicago! – Rick

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