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It’s officially day 1 of the tour, and I get the privilege to update you on the adventures of our maiden voyage to Knoxville. This day has been full or surprises…

We all gathered at a nearby Kroger parking lot earlier this rainy morning, a little sleepy but stoked to await our chariot of a bus. Suitcases? Check. Toothbrushes? Check. Madi’s toy piano? Check. Jedd’s Tecate 12 pack? Check. Thankfully, no blood was shed while the mad dash for who-gets-what-bunk ensued moments later, and now all are settled in. Trent nearly lost his cool trying to figure out the remote to the TV, and Andrew busted out hard cider as a breakfast beverage…awesome.

Frivolity was in full effect until we heard the sound of a honking horn moments later. After an unexpected lurch, the sound of metal on metal met our ears…and we were mouths agape when we saw a car next to us with a relatively mangled fender. TOT’s first day of tour brought TOT’s first-ever car accident. Thankfully, nobody was hurt and the driver of the teal sedan was totally cool. So off we went in the rain to The Square Room in Knoxville–a beautiful venue with great vibe and great staff. We felt spoiled all day today.

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight (including a surprise appearance made by Matthew Perryman Jones)! We had a full house–a great crowd–and night #1 went without a hitch. I had a genuine perma-grin on stage tonight from all the fun I was having being up there with the crew. Now, we’re off to Workplay in Birmingham in just a few hours. Andrew, Trent, KS and I are heading to our bunks a little sooner tonight since we are taping a couple live performances for a local news channel in the morning. The rest of the crew is in the front of the bus watching Back To The Future, and life is good. Hope to see you at an upcoming TOT show! Check the calendar for locations and tickets, and don’t be shy. Bring some friends!


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  1. Alright Joy! I’m glad you are blogging yall’s Big adventures, although we get plenty of awesome updates from our son, Andrew Belle. You guys were awesome on Fox today! We saw it via a live Web on Fox. Drew’s sister Lauren sings your Charmed Life song so much, I feel like I co-wrote it with you, ha! Well take care, and give Drew a hug for us! See yall in Chicago! -Rick

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