Alberta Cross’s Broken Side Of Time


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Broken Side Of Time


[Rating: 2 stars]

Alberta Cross have somehow stumbled upon an increasingly confusing formula. They want to be Zeppelin, Skynyrd and My Morning Jacket all at once. Broken Side Of Time, the sophomore release from the Brooklyn-residing, London-bred trio, is the result of too many influences.

The opening track, ”Song Three Blues,” sets the tone for the mundane tracks to follow. This album careens around all the aspects that made up the dark corners of 70s-era rock n’ roll; there is no soul to these songs. The highlight comes courtesy of the title track and even then the soaring heights of lead singer Petter Ericson Stakee’s voice can’t save the muddled melodies that back it.

It’s a shame. In a time when the falsetto of the Kings Of Leon and My Morning Jacket are all over the radio, Alberta Cross certainly has a niche to fall neatly into. The potential is there within tracks like up-tempo “ATX” and bluesy “Old Man Chicago.” If Alberta Cross wants to make its way out of the box and into our speakers, they need to ditch the 70s, use the patterns laid forth by their influences and make the sound all their own.

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