Album Premiere: Locust Honey String Band Never Let Me Cross Your Mind

locust honey string band
The Artist:
Locust Honey String Band 
The Album: Never Let Me Cross Your Mind
Fun Fact: The Ashville-based Americacana group met attending old-time folk festivals across the Southeast.
Songwriter Says: “In January of 2014, we headed down to Louisiana to record a collection of new material with Grammy Award winning engineer/producer Joel Savoy.  We were happy with the live aspect of our first album, which we made around just one condenser microphone, but we wanted to do it differently the second time around.  We wanted to be able to stretch out a little bit more, and to have more artistic control over the finished product.  The studio itself is in an outbuilding behind what used to be Joel’s grandfather’s house, and it has a tranquil ancient feeling about it.  We dove in as soon as we arrived, since we’d been delayed by two days in the ice storm that made all of the highways into and out of Louisiana impassible.  So we met Joel, made some coffee, and got right to it.

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“The whole process lasted only four days, during which we recorded 4 fiddle tunes and 10 songs.  The long nature of the work days gave us a feeling of solidarity and encouraged very open lines of communication as we discussed different takes, approaches, arrangements, and even song choices.  Each of us brought at least one “aha” moment to the table, adding one new chord, or one vocal idea.  It is a great joy to us that we can hear this utter collaboration preserved in the music that makes up this new record.”



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