Album Premiere: Pony Hunt, Heart Creak

Photo by Sam Doores
Photo by Sam Doores

Jessie Antonick, who performs under the name Pony Hunt is always creating, working as a seamstress  a woodworker in Oakland, CA, while also splitting time as a sailor and a songwriter. On her debut album Heart Creak, out October 7, she distills those myriad experiences into ten poignant songs, each its own story told over soulful, atmospheric arrangements.

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Of Heart Creak, Antonick says:

“The last ten years have been saturated in transition. Traveling from place to place, moving from boat to shack to van to canvas house, all the while craving consistency, yet rarely providing it for myself. Emotional fluctuations between me and those close by press and push me into becoming the person that I am in this moment, and in every coming moment. My appreciation of the fleeting present is something that I often consider in my songwriting.  How many truths exist in a second, and how fast will they lay to rest as a fabrication of my own neurosis? How rapidly will these truths become immortalized in my heart, swaying and creaking as they fill the air with their influence?  When I feel something strongly, I tend to write about it, as perhaps most musicians do. It’s part of a process in exploring how we all relate to the world around us. Our emotional responses often lead us down unknown paths of life. Love, in particular, has a way of turning things upside-down; its gorgeous and destructive wake leaves us rocking and shivering in awe.”

Listen to Heart Creak below.

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