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Almost a year and a half year ago, in early 2012, Aidan Knight, Olivier Clements, Julia Wakal, David Barry and Colin Nealis disappeared into rural British Columbia. They arrived with wheelbarrows of instruments and equipment, setting up shop in a cabin lacking running water, and one week later emerged with 15 new songs and what would be the foundation of the band Aidan Knight’s next album.

“This is an album of music about creating music, the escapism in it and the uncomfortably honesty that hopefully shows itself,” says Knight (the person). Back in their home-base of Victoria but spread across ten different recording locations, the group worked with producer Jonathan Anderson to polish and perfect what would become Small Reveal. Despite sharing his name with that of the band, Knight is quick to emphasis the collaborative nature:“Everything from horn arrangements to drum fills, they’re things that I could never make up on my own. They’re impossible; only happening because of those 5 people in that certain space.”

The result of all this camaraderie is a cinematic and sweeping record on which rich instrumentals surround and highlight the already captivating focal point of Knight’s voice and narratives. Released last fall in Canada to much acclaim, Small Reveal is now available to stream on American Songwriter below.


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