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The Artist: Northern Ireland singer-songwriter Ben Glover

The Album: Atlantic, recorded around one mic and a bottle of Bushmills

Songwriter Says: “I was born and bred in Northern Ireland but now spend a great deal of time in the southern states of the U.S. I felt it was time to make a record that brought together my two worlds. Atlantic is partially about that search for home but also the songs deal with the themes of reaping and sowing, death, pain, love, sex, faith, sin, redemption, heaven and hell.

I recorded the album in County Donegal, Ireland, in the living room of the house I grew up in. The house is at the foot of a mountain which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. That rugged, raw environment and spirit of rural Donegal had a massive influence on how this record sounds. The physical dislocation from anything to do with the music industry was extremely liberating and was an very inspiring environment to make a record in; we created our own little universe in a place that was worlds away from the marketplace, away from the distractions that Nashville or any city has.

I wrote these songs with Mary Gauthier, Gretchen Peters, Neilson Hubbard and Rod Picott; they are all amazing writers who bring a huge amount of integrity and courage to the writing process. There’s no point in going halfway to the truth, it only matters if you go all the way there and we were all committed to mining as deep as possible to get there no matter how difficult or uncomfortable the writing process was. The result is Atlantic.”

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