Dennis Lloyd Shares the Meaning Behind “Alien”

Israeli-native and multi-platinum international artist, Dennis Lloyd, released a self-produced single, “Alien.” The track, from his forthcoming debut record, is accompanied by a paranormal music video and encapsulates feeling like an outsider. He wrote the song upon his return home from touring. The lyrics detail the components of life on the road that become supernatural. Losing track of where you are, waking up in a new place every day led his tour bus to operate more like a spaceship and his existence to feel extraterrestrial.

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“It’s trying to find out where you truly belong and what your purpose is in life,” Lloyd conveyed. Lyrically, it outlines his journey over the past three years. His sensational 2017 single, “Nevermind,” quickly became a pivotal moment. The years following left him at a loss. The video, released today, features an Alien searching for his dog, losing him after his spaceship crashed into the earth. With the help of a young space-loving child, they travel across the planet and establish a special connection.

“This video shows the connection between the two outsiders who come from different planets and don’t feel alone anymore through their journey,” the artist articulated about the footage. “Regardless of our backgrounds, whether we’re from Earth or Mars, the US or Israel, we are not all that different. We are all just looking for the same things in life — to feel loved, to feel safe, and to have a place we call home.”

Though the song pre-dates the pandemic, the forced-pause for reflection added new layers of meaning within the global context. Initially, as a world traveler, Lloyd felt challenged by the immobilization. With a few months of perspective, the artist fond immense value in the solitude as it pertains to his career.

“Back in 2015, I spent a year in Bangkok isolated from the world, solely focused on finding my sound and creating music. That year changed my life,” he revealed. “ I wrote over 40 songs, including ‘Nevermind’ there. Ever since then, I’ve been waiting for another opportunity to be isolated like that again, but it’s been difficult with my schedule. This whole situation forced everyone to pause, including myself, so I got that time again to create in isolation.”

Since 2017, Lloyd has grown increasingly relevant across genres and borders. He skillfully melds pop, R&B, rock, and reggae into a universal language. Last year he released “Never Go Back,” the lead single for his debut EP, Exident, and commensurate follow up to “Nevermind.” Prior to the unique challenges that 2020 has presented, Lloyd embarked on The Never Go Back Tour: Part III,which spanned across 16 European countries. His time spent at home in his studio in Tel Aviv has been fruitful for his impending full-length debut. The album will be his This will also be his first time working with any collaborators, including Kygo and Simon Wilcox.

“Although my life has changed completely, I still feel like the same person who spent that year in Thailand,” Lloyd expressed. “The album is about the darker side of the last three years. The anxiety, stress, and the constant search for meaning.”

Watch the music video for “Alien” below. Look out for more to come from Dennis Llyod later this year.

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