Ashley McBryde Suffers “Pretty Harsh Concussion” in Horseback Riding Accident

Ashley McBryde announced the postponement of two concert dates on Saturday, Sept. 25 in Seattle, and Sunday, Sept. 26 in Portland after suffering injuries during a horseback riding accident in Montana. Following the postponement, the “A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega” singer took to Instagram to let her fans know exactly why she was forced to postpone the show dates.

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After thanking everyone for their well wishes in her message, McBryde shared what happened to her prior to a show on Wednesday, Sept. 22.

“A few of us went to ride horses on a ranch in Montana before the scheduled show on Wednesday,” she wrote in an Instagram story message. “I’m not an inexperienced horseman by any means, I grew up riding a fair amount. The horses we were on are ridden a lot and cared for each day. Very good horses.”

McBryde went on to explain that the older mare she was originally riding was trying to go faster than the rest, so she switched over to a younger mare named Jenny. And things seemed to be going smoothly, even saying the two got “along famously,” until the return ride back to the barn when “something spooked her.”

She continued, “This wouldn’t have been a problem apart from my right foot slipping just outside the stirrup. I tried to correct that with no luck, and she was loping at a pretty good pace. We passed the ranch owner to whom I yelled, ‘I lost the stirrup, I may go over.’ And I did.”

Continuing her message, McBryde shared that the horse, Jenny, wasn’t trying to “throw me at all.” It was just that the singer couldn’t stay on with only one stirrup at the speed the horse was going. That’s when McBryde lost her balance.

“When I landed, I assumed I had hit my shoulder as did the rest of the party,” she explained. “Sadly I had landed on my head. After a trip to the ER staples to close my scalp up, the cat scan revealed a pretty harsh concussion.

“You know me, I wouldn’t postpone a show for bumps and bruises,” McBryde wrote, sounding apologetic. “But at the moment, I’m not able to walk with assistance. We are in contact with my doctors and following everything they say seriously. And as soon as I am able to walk across a stage again, that is exactly where you’ll find me.

She ended the note on an uplifting note saying, “Y’all take care of yourselves. I’ll be back soon.”

McBryde’s next scheduled show is Sept. 28 on the Luke Combs tour with Ray Fulcher in Eugene Oregon. It remains to be seen if she will be ready to hit the stage for this show.

We wish McBryde a speedy recovery.

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