Ashley McBryde Strolls Down Memory Lane with Ty Bentli

Although Ashley McBryde hasn’t been in the music industry that long, she already has some pretty memorable stories to share. 

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Unintentionally name dropping, Ashley McBryde reminisces on The Ty Bentli Show about accidentally stealing Tenille Townes’s bag, an impromptu song she did for Eric Church and Brothers Osborne, a girls night with Miranda Lambert and more. 

She recalls that at CMA Fest after a great set she got home only to realize that she had taken home the wrong gig bag. 

“We get home and I opened up my gig bag because that’s where my Copenhagen is and I open it up, and where there should be many bottles and Copenhagen, there’s nothing. I look inside. That’s my guitar. I opened up the little top thing, which should be pics and capos and tuners, and there’s nothing. I have Tenille Townes’s gig bag. I have taken it,” she explains. 

Nonetheless, that isn’t the craziest thing to have happened to her while at a show. 

McBryde shares that while opening up for Eric Church and Brothers Osborne she was asked to sing lead for the song “Proud Mary” at the very last minute. 

“Yeah, that’s only going to happen in a live setting. And even though we rehearsed it all of one time, I looked at Eric and I said, ‘Do you think it’ll go like that tonight?’ And he goes, ‘Yeah, probably not. We’ll all be drinking, and we’ll have no idea what’s going on, but you’ll probably be way better because it’ll be so off the cuff.’”

With moments like that it’s no wonder that McBryde misses live performing.

Nevertheless, she shares other fun things she has been able to do like be invited to Miranda Lambert’s farm for dinner and a girls night. For McBryde, the friendship helps fuel her own ambition by observing Lambert’s inspiring work ethic.

“She’s just the absolute best, and onstage? I’d like to think I work hard, but she and Gwen Sebastian, they’re so much like Eric in that they’re not going to leave anything. Every drop of sweat is going to come out. The makeup is going to run. The hair probably won’t fall flat, but that’s the way they perform. If she doesn’t leave everything on stage with you, then she didn’t give you your money’s worth.” 

Listen as McBryde shares more of her experiences as an artist on Apple Music Country here.

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