Australian Natives Coordinate Fundraiser in Nashville Benefitting Their Homeland

There’s an old saying that music brings people together, no matter who you are, what you look like, or where you’re from. This could not be a more truthful statement, especially when someone is in need, such as Australia. The bushfire quickly wreaked havoc through predominantly the Southeast portion of the country, killing 29 people and over 1 billion animals (as of Jan. 14th). Nashville is home to many Aussies, including Jordie Lane and Bex Chilcott (Ruby Boots), who want to help the cause.

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On Saturday, February 1st, the two will share the stage with an abundance of Nashville’s finest musicians at Mercy Lounge, including GRAMMY®-nominated singer-songwriter Mary Gauthier. This is obviously a cause that hits close to home for Chilcott, as well.

Chilcott took time from her day to discuss the situation and the showcase with American Songwriter. 

“We are all feeling beyond devastated about the catastrophic fires that are taking place in Australia. The effect it is having on the whole country is tearing our hearts out and to be able to contribute in any way is very humbling, as is the love and support we are receiving from the Nashville music community. The support so far has been unwavering and we are so happy to turn our helplessness into contribution in any way possible,” she said.

The fiery carnage has also been on Lane’s mind. Although he’s spent most of his life away from his homeland, traveling to Canada, the UK, and the United States, there’s a certain comfort about Australia that he doesn’t ever want to lose. He and Chilcott had already put on some fundraisers in Australia but had not even considered it in Nashville until just recently.

He pitched the idea to Chilcott and the rest was history.

“I mentioned to Bex, a.k.a. Ruby Boots, that we had just put on a bunch of fundraisers in Australia, and we decided that we needed to do this in Nashville. That’s where we live, and there are so many Aussies here and so many amazing Americans willing to help out, so that’s what we’re doing. Sending a message of love to, and also a bucket load of cash to Australians back home to help in the relief efforts and continued adversity they are set to face.”

The fundraiser will begin at 8 p.m. CT at Nashville’s Mercy Lounge. Tickets start at $20, with 100% of the proceeds going to Australia’s Red Cross and Wildlife Victoria. Raffle prizes will also be available at the show.

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