Pike & Sutton Release Soulful Single Ahead of Debut Album


Powerhouse duo Patrice Pike and Wayne Sutton, best known as co-founders of Sister Seven, have worked endlessly to transform their close relationship into a soulful collection of songs that they’re very proud of. Their debut album, ‘Heart Is A Compass,’ is set to release on April 3; so until then, fans will have to settle for listening to their newest single on repeat.

Titled “Bright As The Sun,” Pike & Sutton foreshadows the potential in their debut album has in just under a five minute span. The track is filled with an R&B sound that fans who have listened to their music before, would expect. The most unique quality of this song is the fact that Pike was able to tie it back to their roots in Texas.

“I love that ‘Bright As The Sun’ starts like a gentle rain and builds into something big and beautiful. We live in Austin and had been in an extreme drought. The lyrics and music reflect renewal, literally with water, and also the sound of a house being filled with songs from the record player. It’s about lack moving into abundance,” she said.

This will be a perfect song for someone looking for a similar rejuvenation as we move through the first month of 2020.

The album itself further reveals that it’s easier to release all your emotions into your music when you’re doing it with someone you’ve gone through so much together. It allows for things to happen naturally, which the duo ultimately planned on.

“Neither of us had a grand vision; we just assumed it would be eclectic and that it would happen organically” says Sutton.

Both Pike and Sutton co-produced the project with Grammy-winner Jim Watts, who’s best known for his work with well-known acts like Emmylou Harris and Ben Harper.

When many listen to music, they want it to relate to them. They want to feel as if they are living the story the artist is telling and Pike & Sutton do just that with ‘Bright As The Sun.’ As the bulk of tour season gets under way, this new single will be surely be on the set list all year long as they travel across the country with their next stop being at the Six Springs Tavern in Richardson, Texas.

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