Avril Lavigne Gets In Touch With Her Acoustic Side On Next LP

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folk rawk!@#$!
"Folk rock! Yeah!"

Self-proclaimed “punk” rocker Avril Lavigne is getting in touch with her softer side for her next album.

Lavigne told Billboard.com that her fourth release would be primarily acoustic, a departure from the angry, amplified tween angst for which she has come to be known.

“A lot of the songs are mainly the acoustic and my vocal,” Lavigne told Billboard.com. “It’s a lot different from anything I’ve done before. It’s not a pop-rock record. This is more about emotion and feeling.”

Lavigne wrote half of the album’s tracks on her own. For the other half, former bandmate Evan Taubenfield and producer Butch Walker shared co-writing duties.

Mature instrumentation might not yield mature songs, however—several of the songs slated for the album were written when Lavigne was still a teen.

“It was probably the second song I (ever) wrote; I was trying to figure it all out,” Lavigne said of one of the albums tracks, “Darlin.’” “It’s really special to me.”

Her husband Deryck Whibley, the “brains” behind pop-punk band Sum-41, is producing the album, which is due out in November.


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  1. Why do you say Self-proclaimed “punk” rocker ? I have reserched this and Avril has NEVER claimed to be “punk” a rocker. Avril has stated on many ocassion that it is in fact the media that has labeled her ‘punk”, she satat that she know that she in NOT “punk” and she has repetedly claimed that she is not, and states if anything she is “pop” or “rock” if you must insist on labeling her.

  2. Avril has an amazing following from Adult contemporary to young teens ,Dont forget her songs have variety and color thats why she is on top of her game.
    She is not going away soon and she has proven this with chart topping success.
    Deal with it dip sh!ts!
    Her songs have broad appeal and are down to earth raw emotion, I love this artist.

  3. Ella no será del todo Punk pero sí adopta este estilo en algúnas canciones al igual que el Rok por lo que tiene un campo variado y se la puede incluir en perfectamente en estos estilos es polifacética lo saben? o si no cuál es el estilo de Losin Grip o Dont Tell Me a ver díganme???????? Sus estilos son amplios por eso se ve que entiende de música o es que aún no se han enterado……y por eso sobrevivirá largo tiempo,tiene un gran gusto musical y a eso se le llama talento a parte de sus dotes personales,lo dice una adulta que ha oído mucha música en su vida y que la admira totalmente!!!

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