Behind the Meaning of the Song “Drink in My Hand” by Eric Church

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Sometimes all you want to do is forget the sweat and labor of the 40-plus hour work week that just occupied your entire mind, body, and soul. Country star Eric Church knows this. The singer makes it clear with his hit song, “Drink in My Hand,” which explicates this thought with the meaning of his single. 

Early Monday morning, ’til Friday at five / Man I work, work, work but I don’t climb, climb, climb / Boss man can shove that overtime up his can / All I wanna do is put a drink in my hand, Church sings.  

Let’s investigate the meaning of this delightful track below.

Photo by Photo Credit: Anthony D’Angi / EBIE Media

Origins: Early Success

Co-written by Church, along with Michael P. Henney and Luke Laird, “Drink in My Hand” was released 11 years ago in August of 2011 on Church’s album, Chief. Since then, it’s been streamed tens of millions of times. The track quickly became Church’s first No. 1 hit on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs. Its meaning is undeniable.

Content: CHEERS!

The meaning of the song is simple but perfect. We all know what it’s like: that sense when finally—Finally!—the workweek is done and all you can think about is your favorite beer, a shot of whisky, or a cocktail that has your name written on it. It’s a time to, yes, get a drink in your hand and celebrate with friends, or just mellow out with a song and a view. Church’s rowdy, enjoyable tune is up-tempo and relatable. It crystallizes with its chorus: All you gotta do is put a drink in my hand! And it’s the perfect track to sing live in a crowd of joyous people. It’s the weekend’s anthem, to be sure.

The Music Video: Let’s All Have Fun

The video for the song, which features concert footage and fans enjoying the track, was released in September 2011, just a month, or so, after the song hit the airwaves. The video was directed by Peter Zavadil, who has himself directed a number of hit country videos, including Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Under the Hood” and Darius Rucker’s “Southern Style,” to name two of his dozens.

Legacy: Sales, Sales, Sales

While the song debuted at No. 57 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, it later rose up the ranks and hit No. 1, selling well over one million digital copies. Today, it remains one of Church’s most beloved songs, from meaning to delivery. The Nashville-based artist plays it for big crowds, and when he does, they raise their glasses and sing along with the frontman.

Photo Credit: Anthony D’Angi / Courtesy EBIE Media

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