Ben Arthur Shares Heartbreaking New Video For “Memoriam”


We’re never ready to lose the ones we love. No matter how often we express our affection, some things will always feel left unsaid.

Singer/songwriter Ben Arthur has shared the tender and heartbreaking new video for his song “Memoriam,” off his album “Perspectives,” which released today.
“Memoriam” tells the tragic story of Arthur’s friends, Ashley and Max, and their families. The names have been changed to protect their privacy, but the details are harrowing.

Arthur calls the video a “lyric explainer,” a concept he came up with after a conversation with producer Jose Alcantar.

“(He) asked me what ‘Memoriam’ was about and I told him and he said ‘Oh that really changes the song for me,’” Arthur said.

Despite the incredibly personal subject matter, Arthur decided to experiment with the traditional lyrics video form to add some context to the song.

“I have been fascinated by trying to explore emotional honesty, because I feel like I have been guilty over the years of using a mysterious vagueness to cover over vulnerability,” Arthur said. “This was an attempt to be as straightforward as I can.”

We spoke with Arthur last month about his podcast SongWriter.

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