Bringin’ it Backwards: Interview with Chris Koehn

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Koeh over Zoom audio! 

Dream Pop / Shoegaze artist Chris Koeh’s introspective lyrics create awareness, a constant reminder of enjoying the present, the NOW. To appreciate that nothing is permanent and death can come anytime. “The freer from our attachments we are, the happier our lives will be.”

After experiencing his brother`s death, Chris Koehn, architect, and musician entered the musical composition world as an introspective grieving process.

In 2008, Koeh started putting together early recordings which ultimately became a single dedicated to his brother’s death. That song then became a soundtrack to a movie directed by a friend of Koeh.

Koeh released, “Songs For Yoshimi ” a melancholic post punk EP in 2013 via Noiselab Records.

2017 saw Koeh’s, “Permanent Impermanence” release with Indie label Arts & Crafts, mixed at Toy Factory with Grammy producer Phil Vinal. Mastered by H.Newman Montreal.

Chis Koeh put out Music for Films* A downtempo cover EP in 2019 which was mixed at Toy Factory with Grammy producer Phil Vinal. Cleopatra Records, Los Angeles. Arranged and produced by Chris Koehn. Mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering, Montreal.

Koeh’s most recent project, “The Times They Are a Changin” and the, “Live From Home” EP will receive vinyl edition releases and he has a new song is coming soon for a Netflix Series.

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