Bringin’ it Backwards: Interview with CMTEN

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We had the pleasure of interviewing CMTEN over Zoom video! 

Continuing to evolve at lightspeed, 19-year-old CMTEN uncovers a dreamy downtempo single entitled “MUSIC BOX” on Masked Records/Warner Records.

“MUSIC BOX” illuminates the breadth of CMTEN’s fluid style. The keys glisten as a lullaby-style melody takes shape over skittering electronic production. Meanwhile, his dynamic vocals dip in and out of this glitchy soundscape with flashes of airy high register, warbling echoes, and a fluttering refrain. Winding up “MUSIC BOX, he presents a different kind of ballad with ethereal and entrancing energy all-around.

CMTEN capped off a breakthrough year with the critically acclaimed call-to-arms “I LOVE GLITCHCORE” [Feat. XIX]. It has already racked up over 200K streams and counting. Last year’s breakthrough single  “Never Met! [Feat. Glitch Gum]” (over 5M streams & counting) signaled the crest of a new youth movement mashing together a love of post punk-pop with electronic hip-hop beats which has resonated with millions of fans round the world.  “Never Met! (Feat. Glitch Gum) [100 gecs r3mix]” only added fuel to the international fire.

To date, he’s gathered nearly 50 million streams in matter of months making CMTEN one of the most impactful and impressive underground successful stories in recent years.

In the seventies, eighties, or nineties, this story might’ve started in a garage with a guitar…However, the genre-smashing artist, songwriter, producer/mixer, vocalist, and San Francisco Bay area native unassumingly turned his University of Utah dorm room into ground zero for Glitchcore in early 2020. Translating a passion for old school pop punk and the likes of 100 gecs, Porter Robinson and Soundcloud Rap into a sound of his own, he uploaded “NEVER MET!” and organically attracted a groundswell of support to the tune of 30 million total streams, 1 million-plus TikTok videos, and more. Not to mention, his ascent has been chronicled by Rolling Stone, Pitchfork and The Atlantic.

About CMTEN:

CMTEN (pronounced See Em Ten), is a 19-year-old artist/songwriter/producer/vocalist from Northern California at the forefront of the emerging hyperpop/glitchcore scene.  CMTEN chops, channels and recombines elements of pure pop songcraft with hip-hop beats, informed by the energy and honesty of punk rock and an unabashed expressive sincerity at the heart of its musical vortex.  CMTEN grew up singing in his local choir, has perfect pitch, and has so far made all of his music within the confines of his bedroom. Starting with the release of “NEVER MET!,” CMTEN has exploded globally and has accumulated over 1,000,000 videos on TikTok, racked up over 5.5 million YouTube views, and amassed over 40 million streams on Spotify alone, making him one of the biggest underground success stories of 2020/2021. CMTEN is now part of the Masked Records/ Warner Records roster.

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