Bringin’ it Backwards: Interview with Corrin Campbell

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Corrin Campbell over Zoom video!​​

​​Campbell has recently embarked on a grand undertaking: the release of her Greatest Hits Dual Disc, a two-part album featuring orchestral and remixed versions of songs from across her career, which will be released in full early next year. ​​

​​Leading up to the album release, she will be sharing songs in pairs. Each pair will include the two different versions of a single song to give listeners a chance to experience both sides of Campbell’s creativity. ​​
​​Part retrospection and part reinvention, Greatest Hits Dual Disc showcases the diverse body of work Corrin has amassed since she first started recording, as a solo artist and alongside different group configurations. The songs emphasize what her dedicated fans, the Campbell Corps, already know. Her music is creative, inventive, and stunningly personal. She paints with a colorful palette, mixing the urgent energy of Paramore, the theatricality of Muse, and the earnest passion of Sara Bareilles.​​

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