Bringin’ it Backwards: Interview with Fat Trout Trailer Park

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Sean Raab of Fat Trout Trailer Park!
​​FAT TROUT TRAILER PARK takes influences as diverse as Tame Impala and Death Grips and twists them into an anarchic brawl, sparing few establishment institutions in its incisive critique of modern society.
​​Economic and environmental violence are both a looming presence on debut single “Fatberg”, the initially restrained, then untamed “Gold” and the Television-indebted “Dirty Hands”. “Backseat” spirals into the hedonism that follows an episode of depression, a phenomenon recalled on the EP’s final track “Wendigo”, which swerves through a Jekyll & Hyde narrative that explores bipolarity and the cocktail of disbelief, guilt, regret and relief that follows a bout of mania.
​​The anti-establishment sound of the summer!
​​Sean Raab is a self-produced artist who plays every instrument on his record. Lyrically, his songwriting is informed by the nefarious nature of late Capitalism and its damaging impact on people and the environment. Sonically, he is inspired by artists as diverse as Tame Impala and Death Grips. Alongside Fat Trout Trailer Park he pursues experimental electronic and hip-hop projects under various guises, both of these additional projects inform and inspire his work as FTTP.
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