Bringin’ It Backwards: Interview with Francisco Martin

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Together with American Songwriter and Sean Ulbs of The Eiffels, we had the pleasure of interviewing Francisco Martin over Zoom video! 

Francisco Martin is a singer/songwriter born and raised in San Francisco, CA. A multi-instrumentalist and producer, Martin’s love for music sparked at a young age. Growing up in a music loving household, Martin was exposed to his father’s favorite rock bands, the singer-songwriters loved by his mother and the soul music listened to by his older brother.

Encouraged by his father, Martin began playing drums and singing at the age of nine. Expanding his musical knowledge, Martin picked up both the guitar and piano around his freshman year of high school which eventually led him to discover a love for producing.

Francisco Martin is thrilled to release his debut single “Swollen” that is out now via 19 Recordings. Francisco wrote and produce the track “Swollen” by himself in his bedroom studio in Nevada.

Francisco says, I wrote Swollen back in December after spending a day getting to know this amazing person. I haven’t seen her since. The song is about falling for the idea of someone, but in reality you’re the last thing on that person’s mind.”

Martin’s authentic sound is derived from his most beloved artists such as James Bay, John Mayer, Maggie Rogers and Ed Sheeran, coupled with the timeless classics that were played around his house. He describes his music and delicate songwriting as “the beauty and ugliness of heavy heartedness.”

Martin hopes his music will connect with those who share the idea of embracing the beauty of vulnerability and self-expression.

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