Bringin’ It Backwards: Interview with GUY BLAKESLEE // The Entrance Band

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Together with American Songwriter, we had the pleasure of interviewing Guy Blakeslee over Zoom video! 

Guy Blakeslee shares “Sometimes,” the latest single from his gorgeous and dramatic upcoming solo album Postcards From The Edge, out February 5, 2021 via his own Entrance Records. The album is the latest from the guitar-wielding frontman of psych-legends The Entrance Band– a wandering soul who has spent the better part of his musical life on the road–and was recorded in New Orleans at the house studio of Preservation Hall Jazz Band. The enchanting “Sometimes” video was filmed by Lael Neale, and follows the album’s lead single and title track “Postcards From The Edge.” read more about Guy and the new album via American Songwriter.

“A few Summers ago, my life had come crashing down. You could say I had destroyed it,” notes Guy. “Abandoning all illusions of security and leaping off the uncertain edge, I landed in a tiny windowless room overflowing with my broken musical instruments. A chance encounter with a friend of a friend led me to a cat-sitting gig in an Old Hollywood apartment where Man Ray and Orson Welles had once lived. When I wasn’t chasing the devious felines up and down many flights of ancient stairs I would lose myself for hours at the well worn piano, where I could feel my former identity slipping away.”

“A sudden windfall of unexpected money appeared and days later I was on a plane to Spain to meet my Belgian friends,” Blakeslee adds. “Floating on my back in a Spanish swimming pool, in a moment of weightlessness and surrender, I pondered with relaxed clarity my strange fortune – after risking everything without a plan, I had arrived in that perfect stay of unknowing, of beginning anew. I had answered the call of destiny and was reincarnated as the FOOL in the Tarot, wandering into the present without a care in the world. Just like in the Tarot, the journey I was undertaking would lead me through the deepest shadows of despair and to exalted heights of ecstasy, but I was not thinking about the future. In the weeks that followed, as I walked the empty streets of Brussels late at night, singing to the rhythm of my own echoing footsteps, the song ‘Sometimes’ was born.”

In addition to his work with The Entrance Band, Guy has released solo albums under the ENTRANCE moniker via Fat Possum, Thrill Jockey & more. He has typically used his own name to release his most experimental and confounding records and Postcards From The Edge is no exception. The album was recorded with and produced by Enrique Tena Padilla (Oh Sees, Wand) and features appearances from singers Lael Neale, Hale May, Rachel Fannan and drummer Derek James (The Entrance Band)Postcards From The Edge is electrified by the spirit of sonic experimentation, and the fervent desire to chart a map into unknown territory. Across the record’s seven tracks, Blakeslee’s questing lyrics teem with stormy emotion, his plaintive voice finding succor in richly-textured melodies that soar over lushly-produced soundscapes, always on the verge of collapse.

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