Warwick’s Versatile New Gnome Bass Amp Head Delivers 200 Watts And Weighs Only Two Pounds

Warwick introduces the Gnome, a compact new bass amp head that packs a lot of variety and sonic capabilities. From funk and R&B to slap and Jaco-inspired licks to straight ahead rock styles, the Warwick Gnome covers it all, as seen in this video walk-through:

Warwick Gnome Bass amp head
Warwick Gnome i Bass Amp head

Available in three different configurations, the Gnome is ultra-portable, lightweight and versatile. Street price begins around $150.00.

The Gnome delivers 200 watts of power, perfect for use on live performances and studio session. Remarkably, even with a metal chassis, the amp weighs only two pounds and easily fits in a carrying case.

The front panel features include input jack, gain, master, 3-band EQ and a headphone out. The back panel includes DI out, ground lift, speaker out and power switch.

The second model in the series is the Gnome i, which adds a USB connection in the back, allowing for recording straight into any computer without the needs for a special driver or software. The third model, the Gnome i Pro, includes the USB and adds another 80 watts.

Full features:

• ultra-portable, lightweight bass amplifier head with USB interface solid-state design
• class D amplifier circuitry 200 W at 4 ohms / 130 W at 8 ohms 
• 3-band EQ with +/- 15 dB cut/boost per band 
• 6.35 mm (1/4") headphone output for silent practice 
• post-EQ balanced XLR DI output with switchable ground lift 
• more than 10 Mohms input impedance provide maximum sensitivity for passive pickups 
• can be mounted on RockBoard pedalboards with the RockBoard QuickMount Type D (not included) 
• USB audio interface for PC, MAC or compatible mobile devices, no drivers or special software required 
• supported sampling rates: 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz 
• front panel controls for Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Master rear-mounted Ground Lift switch rear-mounted
• Power On / Off switch front connections for 6.35 mm (1/4") instrument input and 6.35 mm (1/4") headphone output 
• rear connections for mains in (IEC socket), 6.35 mm (1/4") speaker out, USB type B port and balanced XLR DI out 
• input voltage 220 - 240V AC 
• dimensions (L x W x H) 170 x 118 x 45.5 mm / 6 11/16" x 4 41/64" x 1 51/64" 
• weight 0.98 kg / 2.16 lbs incl. power cord with EU plug

Warwick website for more info: https://shop.warwick.de/en/amplifier/bass-amps/bass-amp-heads

Warwick Gnome i bass amp head with USB out for recording.

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