Bringin’ it Backwards: Interview with Leah Nobel

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Leah Nobel over Zoom video! 

Is a singer/songwriter signed to Nashville based artist development and publishing company Big Yellow Dog Music.  

Makes music that crosses genre lines between folk, pop, and alternative. Always with a heavy emphasis on lyrics.

Was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Home to heatstroke and the chimichanga. Got her start playing open mic nights and small acoustic shows in her college town of Flagstaff, AZ and post college years in Austin, TX. 

Created her alt pop alter ego Hael in 2016 as a way to experiment with a more “beat-centric” electronic sound. HAEL has been featured in numerous ad campaigns for brands like Apple, Motorola, DSW, and Patrón and has had successful sync placements on TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Lucifer, and more.

In 2019, Nobel released a record calledRunning In Borrowed Shoes’, an album adapted from 100 interviews with Real People.  

Nobel personally interviewed 100 people from diverse backgrounds and wrote songs based on stories and themes uncovered in her interviews. She considers the project to be a ‘hybrid creative endeavor’ one that combines journalism, empathy, and music. “I  hope that the record will be a highly relatable piece– one that reminds us all of our shared humanity.” says Leah. 

This year her original song ‘Beginning Middle End’ produced and co-written by Quinn Redmond is featured in the final film of the ‘To All The Boys’ trilogy on Netflix: ‘To All The Boys: Always and Forever’ and was released as the single on the soundtrack via Capital Records. In the week after the films release ‘Beginning Middle End’ was the #1 trending song on US Shazam charts and #2 globally. Within a month it had amassed over 13.5 million streams.

Leah Nobel’s new EP ‘Love, Death, Etc.’ is out now!

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