Bringin’ it Backwards: Interview with Lindsey Lomis

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Lindsey Lomis over the phone!
Lindsey Lomis captures the spirit of a Gen Z teenager reaching from the past into the future. Her music is filled with undeniable hooks, dramatic drum fills, sparse electronic edges, and a vocal rootsiness. At just 17 years old she is that rare pop treasure: a future superstar time-traveling through classic eras to land us firmly in the present. For Lomis, who is born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee and has been honing her craft from the age of nine, music is the place from where everything else in life began. In her songwriting process, Lomis calls the shots. Her newest single, “Feel”, is cross-genre and cutting-edge; a song about the drama of teenage friendships, veering toward the darker edges of adolescence. In real life, Lomis is the girl next door – approachable, warm, and optimistic. The talent beneath her veneer, however, is extraordinary. Her earthen cadence reminds one of a Maggie Rogers or a Hozier: a sophisticated soul bursting from a young perspective. She’s inspired by the possibilities of pop and the lack of pressure to fit into any box. She looks to powerhouses such as Tori Kelly and Adele as inspiration. After releasing her debut EP, Chapter I, in 2019, she signed with Altadena and Warner Records and has swiftly garnered an array of impressive fans, including Meghan Trainor, Alessia Cara, Allen Stone, Ryan Tedder, Lennon Stella, AJ Mitchell, Shawn Mendes, Sophie Turner, and Joe Jonas. She even garnered a shout out on one of Justin Bieber’s IG Lives. Her NYC opening slot for Bruno Major and sharing the stage with Brandi Carlile have been live highlights so far. Of her ambitions for her music’s impact, Lomis says, “When people come home from a long day, I want my songs to help them feel like they dropped the weight of the world off their shoulders.”  
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