Lindsey Lomis Makes “Feel” Good Pop Music

While most 17-year-old Americans are busy trying to adjust to the new normal and figuring out whether TikTok is actually Chinese spyware or not, Nashville’s Lindsey Lomis is busy racking up millions of streams. On Friday, the rising pop artist released her newest single, “Feel.”

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A catchy tune with a fantastically driving beat, “Feel” demonstrates the young artist’s innate ability to craft pop songs. While still not legally eligible to vote, Lomis has garnered an impressive network of collaborators and fans — “Feel” itself was written in the home studio of the late, powerhouse producer busbee.

“I recorded and wrote this song over a year ago in Los Angeles,” Lomis told American Songwriter via email. “It was my first session in L.A. and my first time working with Ryan Daly, the producer and co-writer on this track (who is now someone I work extremely close with on many of my current projects). My original session that day was canceled, so the renowned Busbee put me in a session with Ryan in Busbee’s L.A. house studio. It was an honor to be in that room. We wrote from 11 a.m. to 4 a.m. and it was the most fun I’d had in a session. I started cutting the vocals around 2 a.m. and those are the majority of the vocals on the final song to this day. It is by far one of my favorite session moments and I feel lucky to have met such an incredible creative partner so early on!”

A devout believer in the transportive quality of music, Lomis said that she hopes the song can “help people escape from the negative realities of the world.” This intention becomes evident when listening to the swaggering rhythm and feel-good attitude that “Feel” shoots out into the world.

“The writing process of ‘Feel’ was so organic that I didn’t realize how much I related to the song until it was finished,” Lomis continued. “It’s essentially about an unhealthy relationship with someone. When I was younger, I was friends with people who didn’t treat me or others the best. One second they could be so kind to me, and the next they would say something mean and turn a blind eye. Sometimes, I loved the way they made me feel, and at other times, I hated it. This song revolves around this type of love/hate relationship which I know so many people struggle with.”

Listen to Lindsey Lomis’s new single “Feel” below:

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