Bringin’ it Backwards: Interview with Olivia Morreale

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Olivia Morreale over Zoom video! 

Los Angeles-based artist/songwriter/producer Olivia Morreale released her new EP, ‘SPACE DREAMS.’ The 4-track project includes previous singles, “NO ANSWER,” “PARASOMNIA” and “Another Moon,” as well as a brand new track titled “Matter of Time.”

Created in close collaboration with fellow songwriter and producer Eli Koskoff, Olivia Morreale’s ‘SPACE DREAMS’ EP is an electrifying listen from start to finish. Olivia revolts against genre limitations, drawing from a myriad of influences ranging from classic jazz to electronica, alt-R&B to 70s-era funk, and soul to bedroom pop, while still crafting a unique soundscape all of her own. Lyrically, the EP examines the ways in which escapism can be accessed through imagination and dreams, mirroring the soothing, dreamy production that underscores each song. “The overarching theme of dreams allowed us to explore through music those deeper subconscious thoughts that are sometimes difficult to address in everyday lifeand to create a space for exploration and imagination,” Olivia says.


New York-raised Olivia Morreale started her musical education as a teen sneaking into underground jazz clubs in New York City. She’d grown up listening to all the jazz greats — Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, etc. — but it wasn’t until she saw the music come to life on stage that she realized the true collaborative and transformative nature of music. At the age of eighteen, Olivia relocated to LA to attend USC’s Thornton School of Music to study pop and jazz. Throughout college, Olivia’s distinctive, ethereal vocals led to numerous gigs as a hired gun — she toured as a background singer for Engelbert Humperdinck and featured as a star vocalist on Jason “Spicy G” Goldman’s Hypnotized EP.

Now, melding her jazz background with her immersion in Los Angeles’s pop utopia, Olivia has created her own dreamy, synth-infused sound that combines colorful lyric imagery, deliberate instrumental hooks, and smooth vocals.

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