Dusty Bo Brings the LA Strip To Life on “Burn Me”

Dusty Bo has spent a lot of time on Sunset Strip and it shows.

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Though he hails from the desolate hills of Kentucky, Bo has spent quite a few years in Los Angeles, first by moving his band Bolt Action Thrill from Kentucky and then joining Future Villains once Bolt Action had come to an end. While B.A.T. provided his L.A. launching pad, it was Future Villains where Dusty experienced rock & roll magic by touring the world, recording in rooms such as Sunset Sound and NRG Studios and selling out iconic venues like The Whisky a GoGo, the Troubadour and the Viper Room.

Life was good but not everything was as it appeared. Growing increasingly frustrated, in 2017 Bo left the band mentality behind to branch out in search of a solo career.

“After being in various bands for over a decade and constantly getting nowhere by industry suits or even band members, it was time to jump in a new ride with me being the only driver and move on as an independent solo artist” 

Since going the solo route, Bo has done an admirable job driving the bus. With his edgy riffs, vocal prowess, and blues-charged guitar solos he has amassed quite the following of over 23,000 Spotify listeners, 12,000 monthly listeners and 400 playlists. If all goes as planned, those numbers will only increase with the release of his newest single “Burn Me,” which American Songwriter is proud to premiere.

“It’s arguably the most personally meaningful song to me on the album,” says a charged Bo. “It’s a song about dealing with betrayal while also standing up against those who want to take advantage or even use you to get something they want for their own agenda. ‘You’re always blind to something while your eye is on the prize’ meaning that sometimes it’s tough to see anyone as an enemy when you are striving towards the finish line of greatness and success. But there definitely are people out there that can sabotage what you are working for so it’s something for all of us artists to be aware of.”

Not shy about the song’s origin, Bo has no troubles acknowledging his past is what birthed this song and ultimately, is fueling his future.

“Burn Me” is basically about being a slave to the grind of the music industry and the constant battle of getting that “big break” that most musicians and people in the entertainment industry strive for.

“Burn me tonight” is another way of saying go ahead, make my day. Fuel me with something that’s going to make me work even harder.” 

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