Carl Anderson Previews New EP With Feel-Good Track “10 Different Reasons”

Carl Anderson
Photo by Laura E. Partain

On May 31, Carl Anderson will release a new EP, You Can Call Me Carl. The Nashville-based singer-songwriter recorded the EP at Charlottesville, VA studio White Star Sound alongside producer Chris Keup and a knockout band of players, including Phil Cook and The War On Drugs’s Charlie Hall.

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Ahead of You Can Call Me Carl‘s release, Anderson has shared one of the EP’s track’s, the joyful mid-tempo rocker “10 Different Reasons.” Anderson wrote the tune, which takes stock of a laundry list of reasons “to feel alright” in the face of hardship, in the studio after beginning work on the rest of the EP.

“The song seems to be about a desire to be present, and instead of obsessing on what has gone wrong or isn’t working in my life, to try to focus on the things I do have going for me,” Anderson says. “Almost like a reminder to myself to try and extract as much joy from the process of making music as I possibly can. Growing up my Mom always told me, ‘It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.’ I didn’t get into music for money or to be popular. I did it because it felt good and I couldn’t help but do it. If this song or any of my little numbers are able to reach folks and mean something to them, well, that’s just extraordinary.”

Listen to “10 Different Reasons” below.

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