1. Drive-By Truckers The Fourth Night Of My Drinking
    Drive-By Truckers - The Big To-DoDrive-By Truckers – “The Fourth Night of My Drinking” from the album The Big To-Do, written by Patterson D. Hood, John Michael Cooley, Jason Isbell, Bradley S. Morgan and Shonna Lee Tucker © 2010 ATO Records, Soul Dump Music/Razor & Tie Music Publishing (BMI), www.drivebytruckers.com
  2. Will Kimbrough Wings
    Will Kimbrough - WingsWill Kimbrough – “Wings” from the album Wings, written by Will Kimbrough and Jimmy Buffett © 2009 Daphne Records, 2009 Will Kimbrough Music (BMI) ADM. by Bluewater Music Inc. & Coral Reefer Music (BMI), www.willkimbrough.com
  3. Mike McClure Colors Fade To Grey
    Mike McClure - Zero Dark 30Mike McClure Band – “Colors Fade to Grey” from the album Zero Dark Thirty, written by Mike McClure © 2010 Boo Hatch Recordings, Captain Obvious Publishing (BMI), www.myspace.com/mikemcclureband
  4. Mark Erelli Same For Someone
    Mark Erelli - Little VigilsMark Erelli – “Same For Someone” from the album Little Vigils Written by Mark Erelli © 2010 Hillybilly Pilgrim Records, Hillybilly Pilgrim Music (ASCAP), www.markerelli.com
  5. David Olney The Moment I Tell You Goodbye
    David Olney – Dutchman's CurveDavid Olney – “The Moment I Tell You Goodbye” From the album Dutchman’s Curve, written by David Olney & John Hadley © 2010 Red Lilly Music (ASCAP), Hadley Six Music (BMI), www.davidolney.com
  6. Cherryholmes Broken
    Cherryholmes - transferenceCherryholmes – “Broken” from the album Cherryholmes III: Don’t Believe, written by Cia Cherryholmes © 2008 Skaggs Family Records © Hey Knucklehead Music (ASCAP), Orchestral Arrangement composed by Molly Cherryholmes, www.cherryholmes.com
  7. Gary P. Nunn The Girl Just Loves to Dance
    Gary P. Nunn - Taking Texas to the CountryGary P. Nunn – “The Girl Just Loves to Dance” from the album Taking Texas to the Country, written by M. Hearne, S. Russell and J.Stadler © Car-mik Music/Shake Russell Music (BMI), www.garypnunn.com
  8. Carrie Rodriguez Rex’s Blues
    Carrie Rodriguez - Love and CircumstanceCarrie Rodriguez – “Rex’s Blues” from the album Love and Circumstance, written by Townes Van Zandt, JTVZ Music/Ruminating/Wixen (ASCAP), Katie Bell Music/Bughouse (ASCAP), Will Van Zandt Publishing/Bughouse (ASCAP) © 2010 Ninth Street Opus, www.ninthstreetopus.com
  9. Cadillac Sky Hangman
    Cadillac Sky - Letters in the DeepCadillac Sky – “Hangman” from the album Letters in the Deep, written by Bryan Simpson and David Mayfield © 2010 Cadillac Sky, 2010 Writers of Sea Gayle Music (BMI), I Forgot My Publishing (BMI), www.cadillacsky.net
  10. David Ball Back to Alabama
    David Ball - Sparkle CityDavid Ball – “Back to Alabama” from the album Sparkle City, written by David Ball © Cedar Poppin Songs (BMI) © Red Dirt Music Company/E1 Entertainment, www.davidball.com
  11. Jakob Dylan Smile When You Call Me That
    Jakob Dylan - Women + CountryJakob Dylan – “Smile When You Call Me That” from the album Women + Country written by Jakob Dylan © WB Music Corp. (ASCAP)
  12. Dexateens Grandaddy’s Mouth
    Dexateens - SinglewideDexateens – “Grandaddy’s Mouth” from the album Singlewide, written by Dexateens © 2009 Skybucket/Cornelius Chapel, 2009 Cornelius Chapel Music (BMI), www.skybucket.com / www.dexateens.com
  13. Cass McCombs Dreams-Come-True-Girl
    Cass McCombs - CatacombsCass McCombs – “Dreams-Come-True-Girl” from the album Catacombs, written by Cass McCombs © Domino Record Co., 2009 Die Sect Publishing (BMI), www.cassmccombs.com
  14. Doc Watson Country Blues
    Doc Watson - Americana Master Series: Doc Watson, Best of the Sugar Hill YearsDoc Watson – “Country Blues” from the album Americana Master Series: Doc Watson, Best of the Sugar Hill Years (Traditional) © 2008 Sugar Hill Records, A Welk Music Group Company, www.SugarhillRecords.com
  15. Black Prarie Red Rocking Chair
    Black Prarie - Feast of the Hunters' MoonBlack Prairie – “Red Rocking Chair” from the album Feast of the Hunters’ Moon (Traditional). (p) © 2010 Sugar Hill Records, A Welk Music Group Company, www.blackprairie.com