Comment Of The Week: Merle Haggard, King Of Truck Drivers

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David S. chimes in on our Merle Haggard cover story:

Merle’s music has always cradled my life, since at least the early ’70s. As a transportation professional, I can tell you that many hundred thousands of tons of goods have made it to the store because Merle’s music kept some truck driver awake through the long lonely miles. No one will ever know, or be able to count the impact he has had on us all. Merle’s dedication to his craft has been a blessing to us all!


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  1. Taste in music is one of the quickest and most intimate ways to meet eye to eye with a stranger. I’ve driven across this country upwards of 40 times and when you walk in to a truck stop in some town you’ve never been in and Merle or Willie is on some radio or CD rack, what you’ve got is a common thread for conversation, that often leads to some great stories. That’s a powerful career that a lot of this nation is grateful for.

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