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Lyric Winner Larry Black Discusses “Parallel Universes”

1st Place "Parallel Universes" Larry Black Asheville, NC Read the winning lyrics here. What compelled you to enter this song in the lyric contest?  I had some other lyrics that I planned to enter that I wanted to revise. The deadline came, and I decided...

Lyric Contest Winner Todd Hearon Discusses His Prize Lyric “Mary Dyer,” Songwriting Vs. Poetry, And More

1st Place "Mary Dyer" Todd Hearon Exeter, New Hampshire Read Hearon's winning lyrics here.  How did the song “Mary Dyer” come about? A poet friend of mine, Jill McDonough, her first book is a collection of sonnets on American executions, which is where I first...

September/October 2017 Lyric Contest Spotlight: Winner Jane Fallon

1st Place “If It Mattered” Written by Jane Fallon Interview by Caine O’Rear **** What inspired this song?  Words fascinate me. For some reason, I started to muse on the word “matter,” thinking how interesting it is with its different meanings. At the same time,...

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