Country Singer Matt Farris Teams With ‘The Voice’ R&B Singer Darious Lyles On The Healing “We Need Love”

When country singer Matt Farris met The Voice Season 18 R&B singer Darious Lyles earlier this year, he knew it was destiny for the two to work together. Though they come from different backgrounds, their bond was sealed through the simplest of emotions: love and respect for all can heal.

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Their debut single “We Need Love,” released this week, is an emotional, come together moment featuring the two preaching for unity and understanding despite any outward differences.

Darkness can’t light darkness
Hate can’t change hate
Vengeance is just a poison
Shot straight through the veins

We all want forgiveness
But there’s only one way to end this

We need love
Honor and faith ain’t enough
The only thing that changes us
We need love, we need love

“I hope these lyrics will bring people together no matter their race, religion, sexual orientation. I believe in my heart that this song and its message will help heal,” Farris tells American Songwriter.  Lyles, who performs under the name D. Lylez adds, “I know some people might find it cliché, but equality and love matters, and we take it for granted!”

The song was written with Trailer Choir’s Bigg Vinny and Krystal Keith, daughter of Toby Keith. “I knew as soon as I heard Bigg Vinny sing this song, I had to record it with Darious,” the soft-spoken Farris revealed. “Having a country boy like me and Darious, an R&B artist, come together for something this powerful is amazing,” he adds.

Excited by the energy in the room, the two pulled together their team and hit the studio. “The recording session was unreal,” Ferris recalled. “We met the night before we arrived in Nashville for pre-production with Laminate Entertainment. Butter, our producer, started playing it on his acoustic and it just flowed so naturally. The emotions are real, the power is real, and the message is real. I believe Darious and I met to make this song happen.”

Farris typically plays up tempo, high-energy country rock, and “We Need Love” represent a departure for the Arizona-based singer.  “This song is a story with a message. But I believe it is still country music, as it’s three chords and the God’s honest truth. We need love!”

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