Daily Discovery: Bailey Cooke, “When You’re Gone”

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ARTIST: Bailey Cooke

SONG: “When You’re Gone”

BIRTHDATE: 2/29/88 (leap year… so technically I just turned 6 this year)


AMBITIONS: Writing songs that make life a little bit easier for everybody out there, traveling the world, getting good at old time fiddle, walking across America with my husband Jeremy Current, playing music for the rest of my life.

TURN-OFFS: Negativity, velour, overly pointy shoes, laziness.

TURN-ONS: Love, growth, positivity, good vibes, vintage gear nerds like myself, and passionate people.

DREAM GIG: Sharing the stage with Neil Young.

TV ADDICTIONS: Checked out Boardwalk Empire the other day with Steve Buscemi. Really well shot, great traditional jazz music (Jack Teagarden, Bessie Smith, etc.) and it’s shot where I go surfing in the Rockaways in New York around the old bungalows from the turn of the century.


THE BEST WAY TO GET A MAN’S ATTENTION: Being smart and confident.

PETS: None… grew up with a 125 pound Golden Retriever named Maggie. I could saddle and ride her. Miss her a ton. We live in 400 square feet in New York City… if we had the space I’d love to have a New Finland, Golden Retriever, or Bernese Mountain Dog.

I NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT: My Ray Ban polarized aviators.

I WROTE THIS SONG: a week and a half ago. I’m participating is the ASCAP songwriters workshop in New York City and the challenge was to write and record a song in a week. Wrote it on my 1901 Mason and Hamlin upright grand piano, and recorded it with Joel Khouri at Singing Serpent Studios in Soho.


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