Daily Discovery: Brazilian Band SOFIA Dissects The End Of A Relationship On New Single “Closer”


“Sometimes the things that make you fall in love with someone are what will eventually bring you both apart,” SOFIA told American Songwriter

This sentiment is something that is prevalent in the band’s work. On March 25th, the Brazilian trio released “Closer,” the second single off their forthcoming debut EP, Stories For the Sleepless, which is due out June 24. 

With a lush, Coldplay-esque pop sound, SOFIA intertwines indie guitar parts and melodic vocal lines to get a soaring sound. “Closer” is a great highlight of this ensemble and features a hook that feels prime for a summer Spotify playlist. The single also shows off the attention that the band pays to lyrics and story.

“This song tells the story of someone on the verge of giving up on their relationship because their partner seems to enjoy the chaos that comes from confrontation more than being happy and at peace with the relationship itself,” the band said.

SOFIA told American Songwriter that they aspire to “be as honest as possible with every word that is written down,” and this song certainly delivers.

Listen to SOFIA’s new single “Closer” below:

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