Daily Discovery: Cale Tyson, “Dixie”

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ARTIST: Cale Tyson

SONG: “Dixie”

BIRTHDATE: 01/27/91


AMBITIONS: become a pool shark, buy an old truck, make her miss me, don’t starve

TURN-OFFS: long days

TURN-ONS: long nights

DREAM GIG: Sharing a bill with Gram Parsons in the afterlife.

TV ADDICTIONS: Conan, Breaking Bad, Shameless, Eastbound & Down

PETS: The landlord’s against ’em.

YOU KNOW YOU’RE IN LOVE WHEN: you write songs about hating her.

5 THINGS ALWAYS IN MY FRIDGE: Miller High Life, ranch dressing, a prior roommate’s spoiled milk, salsa, another Miller High Life

I NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT: opening the door.

I WROTE THIS SONG: in a dorm room in Dallas, TX a few years back.


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