Daily Discovery: Christian Lee Hutson, “One, Two, Three”


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ARTIST: Christian Lee Hutson

SONG: “One, Two, Three

BIRTHDATE: November 5th, 1990

HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, CA


AMBITIONS: Mostly just survival even if it’s just treading water.

TURN-OFFS: That moment when the performer apologizes to the audience for “the low turnout”

TURN-ONS: Eye contact

DREAM GIG: I’d like to play on a big boat someday. Maybe a docked boat, though. My stomach can’t really handle open ocean.

FAVORITE LYRIC: It’s ever changing but today it’s this beautiful Paleface line.

“I saw red and yellow hues and blues you could not play”

CRAZIEST PERSON I KNOW: There’s a long list but I suppose I’m at the top of it.

SONG I WISH I WROTE:  “No Place to Fall” – Townes Van Zandt

5 PEOPLE I’D MOST LIKE TO HAVE DINNER WITH: Washington Phillips, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Rainer Maria Rilke, Gregory Corso, and John Prine

MY FAVORITE CONCERT EXPERIENCE: I saw Dylan when I was in high school, who was God to me at the time and honestly I don’t remember even particularly enjoying it. I had just had my first brush with any kind of heartbreak, the romantic kind, and the girl in question decided she would still be my date to concert. Whatever relationship we’d had was so short lived that it’s strange to think about now but I think I used that specific night as justification pursuing writing.

I WROTE THIS SONG: as an attempt to will some kind of hopefulness or certainty into my life. It brought neither.



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