Daily Discovery: Greylan James, “First Train to Caroline”


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ARTIST: Greylan James

SONG: “First Train to Caroline”

BIRTHDATE: June 18, 1996


AMBITIONS: My main ambition is to always have do something that
involves music. You know, if I don’t become famous as a solo artist,
or songwriter, or guitar player, that’s fine and I guess that’s not
the path God wants me to take. But I feel like he’s brought music to
me for a reason. I always want to be in the Nashville scene.

TURN-OFFS:  I think for me being a country music singer, my turn off
is when a girl doesn’t like country music… That just doesn’t work
for me.

TURN-ONS: My turn-on is when a girl knows her music. Not just country
but all types. I just love when a girl respects all kinds of music.
That way when I pick a girl up, I don’t have to change all my presets
to Pop stations cause that’s all she likes!

DREAM GIG: My dream gig is touring with Brad Paisley. Ya know, Brad
has been such an inspiration to me. As a songwriter, guitar player,
and artist, I have the upmost respect for him. And to tour alongside
him would be amazing.

TV ADDICTIONS: My TV addiction is definitely Friends. A few months I
was surfing through channels and I landed on it. I’ve been hooked
since. And if you’re curious who my favorite character is, I gotta go
with Joey for sure!

FIRST CONCERT: My first concert was more of a little bitty show in a
town outside of Knoxville called Maynardville. My Grandmother and
Papaw knew I loved to sing and one night when I was 5 years old, they
took me up to that little show and asked if I could sing Toby Keith’s
“Who’s Your Daddy”… They said yes and being on that stage I when I
realized, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

FAVORITE CONCERT: My Favorite concert has been seeing Bruce
Springsteen perform. I had the wonderful chance of seeing him in
concert a few years ago. And lord, the way that guy entertained was
unbelievable. Nothing flashy, but so entertaining. I loved it to
death. And since then, I’ve tried to model all of my shows after him.

5 FAVORITE GUITARISTS: Oh this is a fun one, my five favorite guitarists
are- Brad Paisley, Brent Mason, John Mayer, Lincoln Brewster, and
Danny Gatton.

I NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT: I never leave home without about five guitar
picks. You never know when someone’s gonna ask you to pick up a guitar
and play so I’m always prepared!

SONGWRITER CRUSH: My songwriter crush is a guy named Espen Lind. He’s
written songs like “Soul Sister”, “Drive By”, and many other songs for
Train. Also “Irreplaceable” for Beyonce, and “With You” for Chris
Brown. But the way he puts so much depth and also catchiness in his
songs fascinates me so much. He’s so phenomenal. Look him up y’all,
you’ll thank me!

I WROTE THIS SONG: I wrote “First Train to Caroline” when I was 13
years old. I was sitting in my basement playing some Madden Football
on my xBox. I was playing against the Carolina panthers and then
Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues” came on my iPod. And then the
title “First Train to Caroline” just clicked in my head. So I went in
my bedroom and 30 minutes later I had a song. But we recorded it here
in Nashville last February and released it as a single and you can
purchase it on iTunes, Amazon, and all other online music retailers!



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