Daily Discovery: Hoots & Hellmouth, “Apple Like A Wrecking Ball”

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ARTIST: Hoots & Hellmouth (Sean Hoots)

SONG: “Apple Like A Wrecking Ball”

BIRTHDATE: 12/6/75


AMBITIONS: To live, love, learn and create without inhibition.

TURN-OFFS: The staleness.

TURN-ONS: The freshness.

DREAM GIG: Sitting on my front porch in front of 50,000 folks.

MOVIES I’VE SEEN MORE THAN ONCE: Three Amigos, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, The Royal Tenenbaums, Batman, Baraka, Big Lebowski, pretty much all of the Friday 13ths, Nightmare On Elm Streets and Halloweens… many, many more.

CELEBRITY CRUSH: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Joanna Newsom (is she a celebrity?)

WHAT MAKES A WOMAN SEXY: The way she turns a phrase, shakes her hips, parts her lips.

5 THINGS EVERY MAN SHOULD OWN: 1- A sense of self and others so grounded as to require nothing else, 2-5 – see #1

THINGS I LOVE THE MOST: My wife, my family, my friends, music and food makers, animals and plants (dogs and trees especially), rivers/lakes/oceans/puddles, mountains… what else is there?

I WROTE THIS SONG: several years ago after reading Michael Pollan’s “Botany Of Desire.” His re-framing of the Johnny Appleseed legend started me down a course of apple-related symbolism in our culture. Being a descendant of apple growers in western NC, I’ve found infinite inspiration in this humble fruit. Delicious and nutritious for body, mind and soul!

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