Daily Discovery: JD Eicher & the Goodnights, “I’d Like to Get to Know You”

JD Eicher and The Goodnights

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ARTIST: JD Eicher & the Goodnights

SONG: “I’d Like to Get to Know You”

BIRTHDATE: JD – 7/27/86; “I’d Like to Get to Know You” – circa 2012

HOMETOWN: Youngstown, OH


AMBITIONS: Keep a full-time career making music. Have a family. Try to be a good dude.

TURN-OFFS: Negative people, winter, inconsiderate drivers, low humidity, politics, balsamic vinaigrette

TURN-ONS: Good people, music, summer, bodies of water, a good read, a good tv show

DREAM GIG: Touring with any of the favorites would be amazing! (Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, U2, DMB, Coldplay, the list goes on…)

FAVORITE LYRIC: “I might have been born yesterday, but I was up all night.” – Todd Snider

CRAZIEST PERSON I KNOW: After a recent gig, our keyboardist, Ben, and I met a shuttle driver named Marvin on our way to the Miami airport. It’s a long story, but we really got to know Marvin on that ride. I think he takes the title.

SONG I WISH I WROTE: “The Obvious Child” by Paul Simon

5 PEOPLE I’D MOST LIKE TO HAVE DINNER WITH: Honestly, any five of my family and friends. Being on the road so much, I never feel like I get enough time with them. (I DO consider Paul Simon a friend, though, so…)

MY FAVORITE CONCERT EXPERIENCE: We had a side-stage type of opening slot on a Coldplay concert a few years ago, and we got to se their show from nice seats when our set was over. It was one of the most (if not THE most) charismatic and dynamic performances I have ever seen. I remember being fully enthralled (and I was fully sober). Some people give Coldplay a hard time. Those people must not have been at that concert.

I WROTE THIS SONG: because I wanted a reminder. I wanted to sing something lighthearted and upbeat that helped me remember not to take everything too seriously, and to appreciate the good things when they come. I hope people feel good when they hear it.



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