Daily Discovery: Jim Casto, “Carolina”

Jim Casto2

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ARTIST: Jim Casto

SONG: Carolina

BIRTHDATE: 8/24/1984

HOMETOWN: Cincinnati, OH


AMBITIONS: Among many ambitions I have for this life; getting my music heard is one that is definitely up there.  It’s great that there are platforms like American Songwriter and Songspace where independent musicians like myself can put their music on display.

TURN-OFFS: People that think success should be handed to them.  A mixture of hard work and passion can go a long way.

TURN-ONS: Open Mindedness and forgiving ears

DREAM GIG: Sunset time slot at Red Rocks with my Grandpa accompanying on Ukulele, and family, friends, and MQ in the crowd.

FAVORITE LYRIC: She puts her hand on my chest, she feels the beat of the drum.  I keep the bass in my veins, and a tune in my lungs, and it’s going to start tearing me apart.

SONG I WISH I WROTE: Too many to list here.  A song written in the last few years that stands out to me would be “Million Dollar Bill” by Dawes.

5 PEOPLE I’D MOST LIKE TO HAVE DINNER WITH: John Lennon, Pete Rose, Marty Mcfly, Doc Brown, and future Biff.

I WROTE THIS SONG: At 520 Delta Ave. apt 2.  Friends of mine from Cincinnati Rock n’ Roll band, Dr. Hue, join me on this recording.  Very talented musicians who add a lot to my songs and sound.


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