Daily Discovery: Koa, “Cool It Down”

Photo by Annelise Loughead

ARTIST: Koa (Chase Bader, Alex Mathews, Conor Kelly, Ryan Ladd, Will Youngclaus)

Videos by American Songwriter

SONG: Cool It Down


HOMETOWN: we’re citizens of the world.


AMBITIONS: To make people groove!

TURN-OFFS: false diversity

TURN-ONS: getting musical chills

DREAM GIG: Red Rocks, or the Beacon Theatre

FAVORITE LYRIC: For now it’s, “I could drink myself to death tonight, Or I could stand and give a toast, To those who made it out alive, It’s you I’ll miss the most.” (Smith Hill-Deer Tick).


SONG I WISH I WROTE: “Cry Baby Cry” The Beatles or “Rainbow Connection” by The Muppets

5 PEOPLE I’D MOST LIKE TO HAVE DINNER WITH: Ernest Hemingway, Derek Trucks, Martin Luther King  Jr., Victor Wooten, C.S. Lewis

OUR FAVORITE CONCERT EXPERIENCE: When we played The End in Nashville this past year. It was our first big show back from summer and everything aligned. It was one of those nights when we were all very much in sync.

I WROTE THIS SONG: I wrote this song to realize how important the self is for the self. Without a love for your own aspirations and quirks, how can anyone else accept and love them? This song embodies a vibe that is true in any situation, most specifically relating to a guy and the ideal girl who may or may not exist at the current time, yet could in future IF the speaker is truly aware of what he wishes. It was more of a testament of twisting words to ooze a passion that you can feel flow through your being; That passion being love.

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