Daily Discovery: Little Bandit, “The One Thing”

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ARTIST: Little Bandit

SONG:The One Thing

BIRTHDATE: 5/12/1986


AMBITIONS: I have a responsibility to my band to succeed. There is so much talent and heart in each one of those guys, that my motivation is to justify their hard work (and mine). These days it’s hard to quantify success with money, so I’d settle for “YouTube sensation.” jk.

TURN-OFFS: It’s my opinion that it’s possible to be hard-working and motivated without taking yourself too seriously. I don’t like shmoozers or ego-maniacs.

TURN-ONS: Pedal Steel.

DREAM GIG: The Ryman. Duh.

MY GO TO FEEL-GOOD RECIPE: Basically the only thing I can cook is potato casserole. But it’s really really good potato casserole.

CELEBRITY CRUSH: My gut is telling me to say Anderson Cooper, but for the sake of being real, I’ll go ahead and admit it: Paula Deen.

SMARTEST PERSON I KNOW: My sister, Jordan.

PETS: None.


I WROTE THIS SONG: “The One Thing” about a year after getting out of a relationship. I found myself reminiscing about that time and wrote a bulk of the song, but as I reached the end, I realized that there was so much more to be hopeful about in the future, and rather than dwell on a failure from the past, I must accept my journey for what it is. The bridge of the song (which comes at the end) is sort of a mantra– that no matter how we’re hurt out on our proverbial roads, it is most definitely worth the drive.



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